美國原裝進口PIPEDREAM. MIA ISABELLA系列-美國知名雙性女優-伊莎貝拉代言倒模3D真人充氣娃娃(男女可用)


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原價 /24900
優惠價 /9900

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美國成人玩具第一大廠PIPEDREAM推出,由美國知名雙性女優-米亞 伊莎貝拉代言


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Mia Isabella Collection
BIG SECRET Deluxe Love Doll

Lifelike Fanta-Flesh Cock
Real 3D Formed Face
Lifelike Hair
Realistic Eyelashes
Movable Arms
Molded Voluptuous Breasts with Firm Nipples
Molded Cock Made of Fanta-Flesh
Soft Smooth Anus Made of Fanta-Flesh
Painted Fingernails
Painted Toenails

"Wanna see whats hiding under this sexy little red dress? Ive got a BIG SECRET and I want to share it with you! Youve always wanted to know what its like to have hot sex with a cute little TS chick, so nows your chance to see whats hiding under my skirt! Squeeze my huge round tits, fuck my tight soft asshole, and make sure you suck my big shecock. If you let me fuck your ass, Ill let you fuck mine--but only if you treat me like a lady! Pull my hair, jerk me off, then take a ride on my big hard man meat! Suck my pretty toes and let me wrap my painted fingernails around your stiff dick! Im all yours to enjoy, every INCH of me!